Makeup Box Dubai consists of a team of highly skilled individuals hand picked from across the globe so that you are always receiving the best in luxury hair and makeup. We operate a fully mobile service across Dubai and also have studio space in The Marina. Our services are reliable and available seven days a week from early until till.

Here at Makeup Box we cover all aspects of luxury hair and makeup. Whether it is your wedding day, hen do, private villa party, night out, show or event we have you covered no matter your ethicnty or age. The best part is you don't even have to leave your residence as are services are fully mobile or you can come to our studio in The Marina.

All appointments in Dubai are by appointment and can only be booked via the website, Instagram DMs or whatsapp  +447989384361. 


With a strong reputation on the island of Ibiza we currently have contracts with numerous events, parties and hotels including working direct with Ushuaia and Pacha. This includes performing making overs for dancers and customers to our unique glittering stands. Here at Makeup Box we are always ensuring to help you brand your events and create a party vibe they wont forget. 


Are artistic approach to glittering mixed with high quality products leaves customers feeling glamorous, fun and in the real party vibe. Glitter gives people a way to express there uniqueness and personality. We can have even create a glitter mix to suite your party or brand and can replicate logos or create a unique pattern for your event. Are average glittering application time is very quick and averages at around 5 mins and we can apply to hair, face, hands, leg and most body parts! 


We provide makeup and hair transformations throughout the island for all different types of parties and events so if you are wishing to book our services or collaborate this summer please contact us direct on We are happy to negotiate are services to fit your needs so this would be beneficial to your company, brand or event