Updated: May 15, 2020

So the bottom line ladies is if the canvas (skin) isn't good then no amount of makeup will fix your face!

As a makeup artist with over a decade in the industry you can imagine I have come across so many different skin types and conditions. I feel it is my time to share my wealth of knowledge to you all! But in a must simpler easy to use day to day routine that you can actually afford and that you actually have enough time in your busy day to do! Are you Excited???

So unfortunately most of us don't all have 30 mins a day to spend on our skin applying 100 different products.... hmmm ok well maybe right now we do with the LOVELY COVID-19 keeping us all homebound but generally we do not. Personally some mornings i struggle to even brush me hair... wow did i really just admit that!

So here is my 10 mins to glowing fabulous skin! Its a quick: cleanse , exfoliate, hydrate , moisturise and glow! Its perfect for those of you that want makeup free day or to do before a makeup application but please leave it 30 mins before applying your makeup after doing this routine.

I have also attached links for each product for you to purchase if you need them to make your life easier! ENJOY!


Clean face: Liz Earle cleanse and polish use the muslim cloth that comes with this product to fully clean the face

This is a beautiful product to use on your face to cleanse its so soft and made from natural ingredients so it doesn't harm your skin its also great for removing makeup just make sure you wash your cloth after each use thoroughly


Exfoliate The Ordinary Peel Solution leave on for 10 mins and rinse off

This product will transform your skin I literally swear by it don't worry about the tingle that means its working and it will make your skin glow like never before and removes all dead skin cells giving you a fresh glowing new layer of skin!


Tone Spray organic rose water you can buy this on ebay or amazon its important to make sure your facial PH is back to normal and this will be used as a toner to rebalance the skin


Hydrate The Ordinary The Buffet serum

This product will really hydrate the skin and give it make the moisture lost in the previous steps.


Moisturise Ole Henrikson Vit C Face Cream

This is my current all time fav moisturiser it honestly smells amazing as well!!


Glow The Ordinary Rose Hip Oil we use oils to lock in the moisturiser and the serum that we used previously oil products always go after water based products